Custom Order for Cathy 48" x 60" featuring angel wings and crown


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This is a custom order and will ship in4-6 weeks from date of purchase.

Make similar to pictured listing photo with added silver leaf, crown and angel wings

one of a kind large abstract artwork is textured with a mixture of acrylic paints, inks, and resin coating to create a truly unique and serene abstract original. The painting has a "glass coat" layer of epoxy resin to add a thick high gloss sheen to piece. Looks beautiful in natural light!!

original abstract style painting includes shades of gray, white, pink, mint green, aqua, marine blue, gold, purple iridescent glitter, and touches of silver and gold leaf.

This is a signed original gallery wrapped heavy duty canvas that is 1.5" deep and 48" high x 60" wide

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