"Cotton Candy Repeat" Wallpaper


"Cotton Candy Repeat" is the perfect contemporary large pattern wallpaper design to make a dramatic feature wall. This airy pattern of blue, golds, peach and lilac will turn your wall into a work of art. The "Cotton Candy" mural is an authentic Blueberry Glitter painting converted into a wall mural. Large pattern wallpapers with unique designs will transform a bedroom, living room decor into a masterpiece.

Each mural comes with several strips that are approximately 24" wide.

Peel and Stick: The adhesive backed wallpaper application is great for diy-ers. Click here to see the easy installation guide.

Installation Tip: Use a wallpaper installation kit for a professional, flawless install on our  wallpaper. 

Pre-pasted: The pre-pasted wallpaper application is a common wall covering with glue paste on the back that activates when wet. Click Here to see How to Install Vivian Ferne Traditional Wallpaper

The abstract removable wall mural is estimated to ship within 10 business daysVivian Ferne products are handmade and made to order. Please note that all custom orders take an extended time to design and process. 

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