Three paintings - one 36" x 36" & Two Complimentary Sister Orchid Paintings Blue, Abstract Art 30" x 40"


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Set of two orchid sister painting:

30" x 40" each

Large abstract with:

*referring to past orchid piece. I love the amount of negative space in it as well and for these two paintings I was hoping to have negative space, orchids inspired by the white with small amount of purple orchid colors in your original paintings, and maybe just a few of these orange/yellow/purple orchids I’ll send a picture of (photo attached)


For the 36" x 36" 

Abstract painting 36x36

I was hoping to have a painting inspired by the gray/black painting and the purple/pink/orange painting. If you feel that’s too many colors maybe just grey/black and orange/pink. I’ll totally let you decide what you think is best but here are the paintings I liked for the abstract:

each painting is covered in a thick layer of high gloss epoxy resin for added luxury.  The canvas is a 1.5" deep gallery style and comes ready to hang. 

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